Save & Preserve Mmashalang

Save & Preserve Mmashalang is a petition that seeks to stop the extinction of traditional community heritage at Mmashalang, Mankgaile,  Ga Molepo. The traditional council in the village has launched a project that seeks to turn a piece of land where an ancient tribe once lived into a pseudo suburb. This is a devious plan by the estranged Headman Ngoato Makopa Molepo and a group of “friends” with benefits masquerading as a community Civic. The civic also consists of members of the Economic Freedom Fighters who have shamelessly infiltrated the operations of the village traditional council.

Our petition seeks to request the Polokwane Municipality to review the decision by Makhudu Traditional Council to request a plan for demarcation at Mmashalang,  Ga Molepo. There was a transgression of a cultural principle that warrants the removal of the “Headman”. His recognition is, according to customary, unlawful. This also includes all the decisions made following his unlawful recognition.

According to the Traditional Institutions of Governance and Leaderships Act (2003)(as amended), traditional authorities administer traditional communities in partnership with municipalities.  They are also responsible for granting residents permission to occupy land and demarcate as such etecetra.

The frame work also stipulates in paragraph 11 (1) a – that the recognition of a senior traditional leader, headman, or head woman has to be done by the royal family concerned. It further states, in paragraph 12 (1)a-d that a senior  traditional leader,  headman or head woman may be removed.

Tell a friend.  Spread the petition far and wide. SAVE ANCIENT HERITAGE FROM EXTINCTION.

In saving the heritage of the traditional community, we secure traditional knowledge for future generations. We are not against development.  Residents have been asking for stands for over 25 years. It is becoming clear the Headman/woman delayed giving residents stands because they want to sell the piece of land for money, to people who are not residents of the village, without proper consultation.

Development has to be done in a fair and transparent manner taking into consideration the heritage, legacy of our forefathers and mothers. The aspirations and views of all residents about planning for the demarcation have to be equally reflected. It should never be “a one man show”.The land at Mmashalang embodies all that.

Intensive consultation with everyone affected has to be done during the planning phase.

We request your signature to make this petition a success.

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