Assignment 3  for the portfolio was the most challenging since it was the final lap towards the completion of a year’s work I worked so hard for. I enjoyed laying down the plan for a community analysis and needs assessment of the users and potential users of Alex-San Community Library. I had fun searching for information that would be added to my fist and second tasks respectively. Finding additional information on the history of Alexandra Township on Wikipedia was the most exiting.

A word of thanks goes out to all the scholars of Information Science in the group BInf Unisa Students on social networking site Facebook. To Pauline Maritz, Jullie Makwata, Karen Buckley, librarians at Alex-San Community Library and Carol Mwaura, I acknowledge all the knowledge sharing activities we engaged in during the year. Although we are worlds apart, we were able to communicate beyond the constraints of time and space. Thanks to the advancements in technology communicating was as easy as one could imagine. Without your inspiration and courage this portfolio wouldn’t have been a success. I look forward to a prosperous new year ahead and all the best for your upcoming exams. I am hoping to nail this one with the Department of Information Science, lecturers and examiners alike.